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Investing in Saint Barth

With its natural beauty, great beaches, shopping, festivals, top-notch restaurants and luxurious accommodations, Saint Barth has become a favorite destination for both Americans and Europeans alike looking for a relaxing vacation.  However, it has also become a great place to invest in for real estate due in part to a French law that was passed in 2007 that gave the island autonomous status from France. In fact, since 2008, Saint Barth has had its own tax laws. Rentals are subject to only 5% taxation. Capital gains tax is 20%, with an allowance of 10% per year of possession after the fifth year.

People who have invested in Saint Barth in the last thirty years have always made a very good decision because the prices have never stopped going up. The prospects for the island’s real estate market are excellent. Few places in the world offer a gorgeous landscape, a safe haven for the affluent and a quality tourist destination all in one place.

There are many luxurious villas throughout the island, no matter what your taste is in architecture, for purchase as rental properties.  The proportion of accommodations in Saint Barth is about 30% hotels, with 70% of visitors preferring to stay in luxury villas.  Due to regulations on the island, building permits for hotels are difficult to obtain; that is because all efforts are made to retain the island’s natural aesthetics.  However, this offers investors many opportunities to invest in properties that keep in accordance with the island’s ambiance and elegance.

Whether you plan to invest in Saint Barth to purchase a home to vacation in with family and friends, or as a commercial property, contact an experienced local attorney who can help you navigate the laws regarding investments in Saint Barth.  Call the Emmanuel Jacques Almosnino Law Firm on Saint Barth at + 590 590 29 71 10 for more information, or visit the website at

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