About the Firm

Saint Barts, French West Indies Law Firm

The Emmanuel Jacques Almosnino Law Firm is comprised of highly skilled international attorneys involved with tax, financing, real property and wealth management. The firm prides itself on its one-of-a-kind service and skills that allows it to achieve a rare legal concierge oriented practice that caters to the unique needs of international private clients and their legal and financial representatives.

With a very particular knowledge of the law, the attorneys at the EJA Law Firm take great pride in establishing long-lasting relationships with clients and their representatives, and maintaining a work ethic that consists of going above and beyond the usual scope of work to ensure a client’s needs are met.

Major international financial institutions and law firms from throughout the world (mainly from Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Moscow) and especially from the US (mainly from New York city, Boston, Washington, and Miami) often refer clients to the Firm. Such institutions understand that the personalized service and advice, which the EJA Law Firm provides, brings great value to the transactions the firm handles on their behalf and the resolution of many complex situations.

With a team of dedicated and experienced multi-lingual professionals, the EJA Law Firm is widely accepted as the leading law firm in Saint Barts and one of the top boutique law firms among the world in the field of international wealth management for high net worth international private clients.



We commissioned Christian Charrière, a Saint Barts artist, to paint a portrait of Simon Wiesenthal which now adorns a wall in our conference room.

Simon Wiesenthal, an Austrian architect, whose family had been exterminated during the second world war because of their origins, devoted his life to justice.

Simon Wiesenthal is famous through out the world for having tracked down and then brought to justice Nazis war criminals who had escaped arrest after world war II. He preferred to drop long and difficult investigations than to see an innocent man convicted.

We couldn’t choose a better symbol to personify the values of our law firm: compassion, independence and integrity at all times and in whatever circumstances.

Simon Wiesenthal Portrait