Real Estate Transactions

Saint Barts, French West Indies Law Firm

For more than 20 years, the Emmanuel Jacques Almosnino Law Firm has successfully represented numerous high-net-worth individuals in negotiating the structuring and the purchase of luxury estates and numerous high-end properties. EJA Law Firm is one of the leading and most prestigious law firms in Saint Barts with strong expertise in combining financing, structuring, and acquisitions.


Why rely on us for real estate transactions?

We are legal experts in real estate.

As legal professionals, we are knowledgeable in the complex legal, financial and technical aspects of real estate. Therefore, we can anticipate potential difficulties, protect you from all risks and secure all stages of the transaction, while complying with the legal and regulatory framework for a successful completion of the transaction. EJA Law Firm is committed to giving you the best legal solutions to any situation you might experience and providing you with services tailored to your needs, with responsiveness and efficiency. Our clients value our innovative approach and a high degree of individualized attention.

EJA Law Firm strives to apply its global knowledge to your needs and not only advise you on the specificity of the transaction but on all related matters, such as negotiation, urban planning, tax, joint ownership, succession, corporate structuring and construction issues.

EJA Law Firm always has a strategy in mind in order to bring you the best in all circumstances: best price, best conditions, and best timing.

We always act only in your best interests.

Especially in Saint Barts, which is a small world, people who are not lawyers pretend to give advice on legal matters, especially when it concerns real estate transactions.

Contrary to the public notaries — who must comply with the obligation of impartiality as being agents appointed by the state — we, as your lawyers, can act as your advocates at all stages of the transactions, especially during negotiations, with only your best interests in mind. We put our clients first and we are always responsive to your needs, priorities, and pressures. We understand your perspective and show that we think and care about your concerns as much as you do. EJA Law Firm’s goals are to deliver superior service, put your interests ahead of ours, earn your trust and build our relationships.

Furthermore, public notaries are limited in giving legal advice. They can only do so as it relates to their position and should only focus on the good application of the law. Hence, public notaries cannot have your best interests at heart because they must take into account other conflicts of interest. So, when they pretend to give you legal advice on real estate transactions, they are very likely to be involved in a conflict of interest.

We also clearly differ from real estate agents, as we are regulated by a strict deontological code and are bound by a duty of competence and advice (“obligation de conseil”). As your legal advisor and confidant, we make confidentiality a keystone to our attorney-client relationship. Furthermore, our professional civil liability for the advice given and for the documents issued lead to extreme vigilance. Real estate agents, on the other hand, are traders whose objective is to complete the transaction, regardless of the risks for the buyer and/or the seller, for which they are never responsible, given the fact they are paid in commissions.

Lastly, if you run a business, local accountants pretend to be allowed to practice law. By law, they are not supposed to do so, apart from advice derived from the completion of your annual financial statements. In fact, they are not as knowledgeable as lawyers to advise you on your corporate, tax and dispute issues; the negotiation of your leases; the hiring of personnel; and the management of your brands.

We resolve business disputes in and out of court.

Unlike the public notaries and real estate agents who cannot represent you before the courts, we, as lawyers, can do so in case a dispute arises during or after the transaction. EJA Law Firm has strong litigation experience and will be able to help you make well-informed decisions from the onset of a dispute to a successful resolution. We inform you of your rights and your obligations and advise you on pitfalls to be avoided, especially in complex structures of real estate projects. We regularly assist our clients with injunctions, specific performances and the appointment of experts in order to preserve your rights and any evidence in any and all circumstances.

We assist you after the transaction.

EJA Law Firm strives to create a strong and lasting relationship. We are at your disposal to assist you with any matters post-completion with respect to any of your transactions.


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