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Emmanuel Jacques Almosnino Says Saint Barts is Safe Now

Only Six Cases Reported, All Patients Have Recovered Beaches Are Now Reopened

On September 6, 2017, the island of Saint Barts was hit by Hurricane Irma. With sustained winds of 185 miles per hour and gusts of up to 218 miles per hour, it devastated both the island and its economy. But, by the beginning of 2019, all traces of the natural disaster were gone, and Saint Barts provided an even more charming appeal than before. By the time it was Thanksgiving, Saint Barts’ most devoted visitors returned to the island.

This year, Saint Barts, like the rest of the world, was affected by the coronavirus. But, with residents following social distancing guidelines and a small number of cases, Emmanuel Jacques, Managing Attorney, Emmanuel Jacques Almosnino Law Firm (EJA), says the island is back in business.

“Beaches have reopened, and some businesses are returning to normal,” Mr. Jacques said. “Under those circumstances, the island is expecting the arrival of tests within the next few weeks to prove the population is in good health. This should allow a full reopening of all stores, restaurants and hotels.”

Saint Barts reported six cases of the coronavirus, five of whom were between the ages of 45 to 64, according to data from the Saint Barts government. Since then, they have recovered fully. Mr. Jacques said a number of factors contributed to the quick eradication of the disease.

“The island’s small size, the discipline shown by its inhabitants during the five weeks of lockdown, as well as its warm and sunny climate, make Saint Barts the perfect destination to be safe,” he said. “The island will continue to attract sea and beach lovers, who will be able to have peace of mind and enjoy their vacations this summer.”

With a predicted second wave of the disease expected to hit the U.S. again this winter, Mr. Jacques said the island will continue to provide an oasis of tranquility for its visitors. “Saint Barts will definitely become the place to spend next winter and to forget how the world was upside down in 2020,” he said. “The island has built a strong reputation for getting through times of crisis by offering a continuous improvement of its beauty and its art de vivre.”

Mr. Jacques is an attorney advising high-net worth clients on international business, finance, real estate and wealth management needs.

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