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An International Business Law Firm

An International Business Law Firm
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Emmanuel Jacques Presents Seminar on Investing in Saint Barts

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – On January 29, Emmanuel Jacques, Managing Partner, Emmanuel Jacques Almosnino Law Firm in Saint Barts, will present a free seminar on investing in the Caribbean island of Saint Barts which will take place at The Plaza Hotel, located at 768 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York.

Mr. Jacques will provide strategies on how to effectively invest in Saint Barts real estate. The seminar will cover the legal, tax and financial considerations involved in investing in the Caribbean’s most luxurious real estate market.

Mr. Jacques graduated from Paris University of Law and, at age 23, became the youngest attorney in France. He is also one of the few attorneys who has studied management, international finance and international relations. Realizing that every decision has financial repercussions and the impact of those decisions would be felt worldwide, he studied Management at HEC Paris, the highest-ranked business school for MBAs in Europe. Soon afterwards, he received his diploma in International Relations and Diplomacy at CEDS. He later returned to HEC Paris, where he received his Master’s degree in Corporate Finance. While tending to his studies, he continued to practice law and operate his own firm.

When he lived in Paris, France, Mr. Jacques also taught at the Paris University of Law and was Vice-President of the parent organization of the 112 French Chambers of Commerce abroad and Special Advisor of the French government for trade with Nordic countries.

For more than 20 years, the Emmanuel Jacques Almosnino law firm has performed negotiations, structuring and financing of all kinds of assets. Its client portfolios include VIPs from the United States, Brazil and Russia. The firm has successfully negotiated the purchase of properties valued at up to $50 million, represented American private equity companies in transactions involving five-star hotels in Saint Barts, and successfully handled the negotiation of financings of up to $20 million, commercial leases in the most famous areas of Paris and the acquisition of luxury real estate not only in Saint Barts but also in Paris and other famous locations of France. The firm has a great reputation of being able to deal with all kinds of high value assets.

Located in the French Caribbean between St. Martin and Barbuda, Saint Barts covers eight square miles and is home to exotic fauna, fabulous beaches, luxury hotels, designer boutiques and famous celebrities. It is a French territory with autonomous status, in which local law coexists with French law. Although French tax laws and tax treaties are not in force, newly formed companies are considered residents of France for five years, unless the company was formed by local residents.

The conference begins at 5:00 p.m. followed by a cocktail reception. To RSVP, please email:

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