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Including a Shelter in Your Wealth Management Strategy (by Emmanuel Jacques)

With the Covid-19 pandemic, people discovered that there is no safe place on earth. Climate change’s increasing effects will soon confirm that the world of today is dramatically different from the world when we born. Before, everyone considered that living in a big city, close to hospital facilities, was enough to secure the safety of a family. Today, this consideration is called into question. In case of any kind of crisis whatsoever, the density of people, the centralization of the heat and the air conditioning as well as mandatory public transportations, make any escape from a collective threat almost impossible.

Many smart people understood that consideration, so they decided to live the Corona shutdowns in harmless places. It was a good move. So, why not investing in a shelter?

Here are some criteria to select a place to invest in a shelter:

1. Accessibility:
Can I reach my shelter easily? What can happen on my way to my shelter? How long will it take me to complete this journey? How many people can I travel with? Do I need a visa? You must be able to reach your shelter in less than one day in whatever circumstances.

2. History:
What are the track records of the population where I elected to locate my shelter in a difficult time? How do they generally consider strangers? How did they behave in the past? Were they hostile or friendly? Between them, did they react with solidarity or violence? Obviously, you should avoid hostile places.

3. Catering:
Will I find resources to live a normal life? How will be my everyday life?
Don’t forget that you never know how long it will last.

4. Medical infrastructures:
Is there any hospital? Good doctors? Will they be able to treat my disease (if I have one)? Will they have the resources to cure lots of patients at the same time? You should seek a safer place than the one you will leave.

5. Management of issues:
Will I find all telecommunication facilities in good condition to remain connected with my employees and relatives? Can I transmit bank orders from this territory? Can I access my company’s online network?
You will not flee if you know that you will find your life upside down when you return.

6. Quarantine and returning:
Does my country have special ties with my shelter territory? Will I need special authorizations to go back and forth? Who will provide them? Where is located this authority? Will my travel means still work after the crisis? You should secure your return before leaving.

7. Maintaining costs:
Are they high? Can I rent my shelter sometimes to pay the maintenance costs? Is this long-term investment good or wrong? Because you should put your money only on profitable assets.

This checklist provides the main general criteria that you have to scroll out.
When you will have completed it with your answers, you will discover that only very few places on earth, can match your personal criteria. It is where you should invest.

Emmanuel Jacques
The Negotiator®

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